Day 35: #100HappyDays
New Bombay Lassi Shake

New Bombay's Lassi Shake

New Bombay’s Lassi Shake


I was feeling a bit adventurous in Makati this day so I went for dinner at New Bombay with my good friend JR. I consider him to be a maternal peg– the kind of son I’d like to have in the future when I have kids. Apart from being super accomplished in many things, he is a very good person and wise beyond his years. 🙂 My favorite drink, lassi shake, was available at New Bombay. I first tasted it in a Persian restaurant with Zetheska. The chicken was okay, too. I like having dinner in new places with old friends. In this time and age, it’s quite hard to find people worth trusting. So when you do find these keepers, you make sure to keep in touch. 🙂

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