Day 34: #100HappyDays
Post-ER Mangosteen


I had a medical scare today because of suspected heat exhaustion or heat stroke. I was particularly intrigued because I have been very mindful of my food-liquid intake and I hardly have reason to worry about any nutritional deficiency with the spartan approach I have adapted towards my eating habits. Nonetheless, I needed to assuage the fears of my loved ones about my rather radical approach to fitness and nutrition. Fortunately, my blood tests affirmed that I was in fact sufficiently nourished by my food of choice recently. There was, however, a painfully limited explanation of the vertigo I was feeling from the heat. After that short but excruciating trip to the hospital, I decided to follow the doctor’s orders and take some bed rest. No workouts and I increased my carbohydrate intake for my parents’ peace of mind.

It’s hard to find a happy day entry after feeling like much of my body was fried and I was frazzled by people’s claims that my weight loss has caused all the ruckus (it was actually the WEATHER! haha!) but I am most thankful for not having to stay in the hospital for more than 8 hours. It could have been much worse. And of course, I had my favorite mangosteen waiting for me at home after this gruelling medical episode. 🙂 Thanks, mommy.

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