Day 31: #100HappyDays


There are no pictures that will ever be enough to depict the happy feeling of being the bride in a pamamanhikan.

Some people find it odd for our respective families to have this so late in the wedding preparations. But I believe that as a Filipina, it’s a necessity that I will look back on during my old age with much fondness and joy.

I wrote so much to my partner in our private account about this very special and personal event. Here, I will just be logging it as a simple entry for my #100happydays challenge. You don’t really get to share everything to the world. Some things are just too precious to be shared and better lodged in that part of your brain that is reserved for a lifetime of flavorful safekeeping of happy memories.

For my complicated family who welcomed my incoming additional family, thank you. For my new incoming family and my partner, I am so happy that we had this together. Such a happy memory.

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