The Noob Lady Foot Soldier

Time can really change a person. I spurned having to style myself when I was young. All my money usually goes to books. These days though, I have somehow warmed up to the idea of style. I am now guiltlessly checking out the nude pumps at Naturalizer in Megamall and drooling over this beige pair of kitten heels at Zalora Philippines. I have finally made peace with this component of my womanhood.

Websites have been built like shrines to honor the love of women’s shoes. Being imeldific is considered common with women my age in this side of the world. On my end, I like to buy just one pair and wear it all the time until it signals a need for replacement. Recently, I had a good find at Php 500 from Parisian. It went well with my dress, my jeggings, my shorts, and most of my casual attire.

I like the minimalism in shoes although I am a glutton when it comes to my bookshelves. I guess if I was not a voracious reader, I would have bought more shoes. But I deeply enjoy sticking to basic colors that go well with anything than match every pair of shoe to bags and clothes in color coded fashion. It’s too troublesome to conjure a complex palette; there are other pursuits that demand my attention and I need to be efficient in my approach.

Thinking about shoes is quite therapeutic. In the face of ruminations about life, I prefer to breathe mentally and think of how to fill my shoe rack wisely. I realize that it’s not materialistic or shallow to have a reliable pair of footwear.

And with noob foot soldier like me, a single pair of well-chosen footwear truly goes a long way.

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