Day 21: #100HappyDays
Digging the Entrails of Commerce Docs


The wonders of learning never cease. 🙂 I’ve been holing my virtual butt and immersing my brain within the confines of the Drupal Commerce documentation for the last 5 hours.This is the one Helena hat that requires my inherent love for books and speedreading.

It’s really very engaging and fascinating. It really amazes me how so many things can come for free if you know where to look. Before, I only looked at Drupal as a means for making maps with points and polygons. In the context of my mapping engineering practice it was already tantamount to entering the virtual cave of wonders.

Now, I look at it as an open source online store front on top of everything else I have done with it before. It’s nice to have multiple facets of a single thing. I never run out of things to explore and do in the web dev side. I really look forward to becoming a true blue coding ninja that can do full stack. 🙂 <3

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