Day 15: #100HappyDays
Fit for Solitude

The one good advantage of not getting a ride home on Wednesday night is that I had to stay longer in Ortigas. Early this Thursday, I managed to go up to the gym to do a 40-minute workout. And it’s a surprising treat to find that for around 5-10 minutes, I had the gym all to myself:


Helena's Fave: The Elliptical Trainer

Helena’s Fave: The Elliptical Trainer

A few minutes later, a voluptuous middle-aged lady and a muscular long-haired guy entered the gym. But I had those moments of solitude where I was just running carefree on the elliptical trainer. I did three intense sets of 1.2 kilometers each. To balance the intensity between these sets, I used the hula hoops. 🙂



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