Day 10: #100HappyDays
Filipino Heroes League

Book Photo from

Book Photo from

I promise to post my own photos soon, after I dutifully scan all my Summer Komikon 2014 loot. I visited this fantastic event with my dev friends JR and RK. RK’s S.O. Sue was also there, and made this wonderful recommendation for me. <3

I have yet to make a really decent review, because a few paragraphs of 100happydays logging won’t give FHL the justifiable review that it deserves. Suffice it to say that I am absolutely in love with this book and I cannot wait to buy Book Two next month.

Supposedly it was just a drop by and drop RK’s birthday gift thing for me and JR. We ended up scanning the halls. I saw surprising familiar faces, including two former officemates and two people that I interviewed for Manila Bulletin’s Sense and Style magazine in 2004.

Too bad the author Paolo Fabregas was not there at the Komikon event. I would have loved to get an autograph! But yep, this totally rocks. I’ll keep my eyes open for this guy in the next events.



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