Ang Kumot na Maliit

There was only one lesson of life that I distinctly remember from a teacher that continues to influence me. It involved the metaphor of a tiny blanket.

I studied in a university where part of my tuition fees is subsidized by taxpayers’ money. One teacher admonished us to think of the country’s best resources as a tiny blanket. It is so tiny that it only covers a tiny portion of all the citizens who are seeking warmth. He continued to express that since we are the ones blanketed with good education, we have this inherent duty to enlarge the blanket or give back to others, to think of other people who do not have similar privileges and appreciate it accordingly.

I think about it a lot until now, as I see faces who are in airconditioned rooms and with twice a month paychecks but whine about how little they have. Sometimes I wear that face of ingratitude and entitlement. Shamelessness is so common, and so is indifference. I am more turned off by those who have been educated but act like scowling scoundrels. I feel sad because I see people who get handsomely paid for warming their butts and kissing ass and opening their legs. And in the streets I see people begging for bread, strangers in jeepneys and buses begging for assistance, and so much potential being wasted because the opportunities were instead given to myopic spoiled brats who cannot appreciate what they have.

Yes, underpaid as most professionals are, the supposedly matriculated, enlightened and well-fed segment of the population keep forgetting the value of basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. This country does not have that basic need met for every person. Some people sleep under bridges and highways, and make a mediocre paradise out of worn cardboards mounted on unsafe soil.

And all I see among the ranks of the enlightened are well-dressed brats who think that the world owes them all its resources. It is more disgusting than the filth of a taong grasa roaming near the urban rubbish.

I am just sick of all this entitlement. And the futility of the chase is nurtured unhealthily as they make status updates to affirm themselves, to make themselves look good and full, to belittle others, and to impress people they do not like.

I have the mental diagnosis but I find so much more people in my world who are really batshit crazy disguising themselves as normal and functional members of society. On the top of the list are this society’s topnotch ingrates who perpetuate the mindset of loving things and using people.

At this age, I was hoping to have more meaningful conversations. But little can be done if the other party prefers to wallow in the shit of his own making. I am tired of listening to educated brats’ self-invented shit because there are other more significant shit loads to be solved for the truly less fortunate and so few brains are being used to solve them. Because the privileged brains were too busy about the blanket’s thread count and stitching, bitching about what more they need to have.

Some people might even need to experience the real shivers of cold nights that other people are suffering to appreciate what they have. And a slap of cold words when aside from wasting their lives, they start to waste your own time just for them to vent their self-inflicted tales of woe.

And I always think of the tiny blanket as I try to move forward and snuggle in my sleep.

2 thoughts on “Ang Kumot na Maliit

  1. You are thinking exactly what I have been thinking. So sad the reality is. But we can still change the world, can’t we?

    1. I had been thinking about this for weeks. haha… I certainly hope that the tiny changes I make in my life (like not promoting the superficial entitled stance most people my age have) can somehow contribute to the bigger cause of changing the world…

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