Day 7: #100HappyDays
Curly Helena


Photo and Hairstyle credits: Miss Grace Ann Barrameda

The look: Parisian basic sandals (and I LOVE it because it goes well with my jeggings, my straight pants, my dress, my skirts, etc.). Simple blue dress from Forever 21. Tiny pearl earrings and charm bracelet from Dam Good Stuff Makati. Some cheap but reliable shades from i2i.

And temporary Curly Hair done by my soon to be sister in law. <3

(No frills. That’s really it. I am very minimalist with clothes and totally maximum with my bookworm vice. <3)

And I’ll add one more photo for today’s entry because this one made me happiest:


The happy smile is part of the look, as well as a more fit body from a healthier lifestyle. But these are not easily available without the genuine joy brought about by my love and the discipline of loving physical fitness. <3

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