I knew that you were real the second that I realized that I would do anything for you. I can never imagine living life otherwise.

Thank you for teaching me how to love. Not the garden-variety bread kind of love. But the love that puts your needs above mine. The love that understands. The love that looks at your heart and at the times of your best strength when things get hard.

I thank you because you read my blog in a way that no one else would. It’s already hard to put up with my live talking version and you even put up with more talking through my writing… Only someone with true love can put up with all that and still wake up in the morning to tell me he loves me.

I thank you because you send me all those mushy Viber stickers even at the insanely workaholic phase when I was practically ignoring you… and then you sent me more happy Viber stickers when I had no words to say, nothing to do, and I was a giant victim of a long overdue nervous breakdown.  (Of course, I send you back mushy Viber stickers because we are cheesy like that.)

I thank you for your patience of putting up with my defects and I am sure I have a million of them.

I cannot even write the personalized portion of my vows because I am stumped and amazed at how good you are, and how feeble are my attempts with prose in telling you what I feel.

So the the attempts to make a vow ended into a blog post that thanks you for being who you are.

And for being what you will soon become in my life.

I love you so much. 🙂


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