I am now a salad aficionado.

I was the biggest food junkie until I had a health epiphany last month. I got infected with the varicella chickenpox virus because of my ultra-low immune system. A dozen hospital trips later for various reasons, I decided to make some changes with my lifestyle to make sure that I stay healthier and at least prevent additional health problems if I cannot reverse the consequences of 20+ years of not minding what I eat.

And one of the happiest surprises that it brought is a penchant for all things green and leafy. I have become a true-blue salad fan.

A nearby Mini Stop branch has a salad bar every morning. I buy my breakfast from there and I try to search for healthy options when I am out and about. I have some misgivings about their salad dressing but the fresh fruits and veggies, according to the staff there, are delivered fresh every morning. I like that. Somebody recently taught me how to make French vinaigrette so anything with fruits and veggies topped with the French vinaigrette tastes absolutely divine.

Actually, it’s not very easy to find nutritious food here in Metro Manila. I even have a theory that this region penalizes you for eating healthy because the organic food is ultra-expensive compared to regular fast food. It’s really annoying but if I do not find anything good, I either eat bad/passable food in very very small servings or just skip eating altogether.

It’s been almost 4 or 5 days since I last ate a cup of rice. Often, I had to do it at home because family members won’t adjust their cooking to this new preference. Or I have to do it if I am meeting other people so that they won’t feel weirded out about my new food preferences.

Nothing beats preparing from the raw farm-fresh ingredients. But I am not always in a silent retreat. For that very reason, I am most compelled to just make do with the resources available to me. Right now, I just finished off Nestle strawberry yogurt, a slice of ripe mango, tiny slices of a banana and half an orange. Tonight, I’m craving for radish cake. <3

I wish I started eating healthy when I was younger. But then, it’s still good to have tasted both. I can really compare the state of my mind and body when I am just properly satiated and not bloated by stress eating. It’s nice to have a suitable rhythm to the body.



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