Freudian Slips

One of the worst things that can happen to a person is to hear a casual Freudian slip from a loved one that was not meant to be heard.

Somehow, you cannot “unhear” it when it happens. You start to have questions that nag at you before you sleep, a fearful worst case forecast of the future, and sometimes even a huge blow to your self-esteem.

How do you trust again and pick up the pieces? It is quite hard to regain it once something has been broken. You go through the motions telling the other person that you’re okay even when deep inside you really aren’t.

You avoid discussing what was heard by accident but wonder about it privately as you lie awake and wide-eyed in the darkness of your bedroom. During the day you stare out at windows whenever you have the chance and just basically sit there with the silent pain seeping through the insides of your veins.

You find yourself wishing that you did not have to hear it but you did. There are no conscious words of reparation that can undo the damage of a Freudian slip. The fact that it came out of a person’s subconscious makes it all the more painful, inconsolable, and hard to refute.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that we already know someone. The truth is, we are scraping at the tips. And everyone is an iceberg.

Logic dictates to forget and forgive. Forgetting is quite impossible but forgiving can take a bit of a wrestling of the mind. And we have no other recourse but to go through the motions and try not to let it bother us.

The truth is, it’s really killing you inside. But you just learn to put out a calm face to stay functional.

And you will always be reminded when you see memories of that fatal Freudian slip that made you doubt all your certainties.

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