Alarmless Mornings

For the last three weeks, I have not used an alarm clock. I merely get enough sleep in the evening and ask my guardian angel to do the rest. So waking up is as sweet and soulful as this mellow 8tracks playlist that I am currently listening to…  These days, I get around 6-8 hours of sleep per night. I am still working to make it an even and consistent 8 hours for the sake of my mood swing tendencies.

It’s actually possible to condition one’s self to wake at the same time without an alarm clock. I figured that this was how ancient humans did their morning rituals anyway. Alarms have that annoying sound that interrupts the body’s REM sleep rhythms. A sleep app on Android made me discover that a good sleep cycle is 90 minutes on average, and it is best to wake up in intervals of 90 minutes of sleep. Waking up in between these 90-minute intervals seem to make a person less rejuvenated. Another study also told me that the sleep time between 9pm to 3am is irreplaceable.

And because I want to have fresh blood cells for tomorrow, I decide to shut down this distracting computer screen so that I can properly wake up to my alarmless Monday morning the next day.



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