Cool Handcrafted Playlists

I have been sharing 8Tracks playlists on my blog from time to time and it has been quite nice for accompanying my blog posts. Often, I had to share other people’s playlists. One day this week, though, I decided to make my own mix. And it received good reviews from a bunch of people that I don’t know! It was very encouraging.

I remembered my favorite hobby when I was 9 years old; at the time, I wanted to become a DJ and I was actually buying a lot of blank cassette tapes (old style!) just to catch songs on FM radio. These days, it would have been laughable or hard to imagine because it’s now easy to get mp3 files from various sources. When I was in elementary school, I only had this old clunky radio and a tape with Side A and Side B with manual rewind function.

My friend  Jodi introduced 8Tracks to me, and I was very thankful for that. When I experimented with a good vibes playlist for working mornings, I was mostly doing it to curate all of my favorite, feel-good jams. As I shared the playlist, some other people in another part of the world liked it as well. It feels really nice to somehow create something that people appreciate or find as helpful or beneficial.





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