The Green Goo of Fatherly Love

Yesterday I got an impatient call from my father– the innovator of all things chemical, the biggest influence of my life, and possibly the highest source of whatever decent IQ and mood swing I have in life. I unfortunately inherited the aggressive and moody side which makes it very difficult to acclimatize to people. But it came with good things, so I can’t really complain…

A month ago, he was making this really nice hair growing leave-on conditioner. I gave it to two people and what do you know, they ended up actually GROWING HAIR. They have been pestering me to get them new supply. 🙂 He’s amazing with his laboratory.

To say that my father is a genius is an understatement. Most of my siblings are geniuses, too. One has the voice of Charlotte Church. Another one knows how to play all kinds of musical instruments “except the cello”. The other can work wonders with a broken computer. Two others are summa cum laudes in a Canadian university. We have a doctor, a musician, a computer geek… And then they got me…

I kind of don’t know where to put myself but some of my siblings claim that I am daddy’s favorite girl. Possibly because I inherited so much about him, even his quirks and weird way of thinking… I was told before that he saw himself in me so many times, and I think he was spot on when he said that.

The greatest act of love from my father came yesterday… in the form of 36 liters of customized herbal drink. We’re quite an unconventional family so this was just a day in the life for us.

Imagine my 73-year-old father researching about herbs to help me increase my immune system. He started mixing some plants, zero preservatives added. He did not know how much I loved grape juice, but he actually put grapes on the concoction. He had this large DRUM and he rolled it about his laboratory and mixed proportions, distilling more than 40 years of his chemistry experience to help me, his immuno-compromised daughter, step out normally in life.

I hated biology but he sent me the health textbook with the 36 liters of unnamed dark goo that I now baptize as Helena’s Customized Herbal Drink.

The goo, after I have read the book, identified itself as proportioned mixes of malunggay, ampalaya, chorella, and spirulina. Like vitamin juice for a better immune system. Further reading tells me that it can help with my asthma, build my immune system, and improve the way I smell. Well, well, well…It does not taste like four seasons, but the effects don’t sound so bad, right?

It tastes like grass. I think it’s the closest thing to raw chlorophyll that I have actually consumed in my life. The concept of “food as medicine” has not really been my alley. I tend to stress eat and munch on chips while I code or write.  And I love chocolates and all things refined and processed like hotdogs.

I don’t know what other fathers buy for their kids. But my dad makes me my own herbal drink to show how much he loves me. Even in showing love, he is very original. And I like how unique he is, because somehow I inherited that from him and it makes life so much more interesting for me.

Other people write about the bikes their daddies got them. I’ll write about how we tried riding a bike when I was five and he told me to calm down when a giant fly went straight to my mouth. “It was just a fly, relax.”

At an early age, he taught me how to have this “mind over body” thing. Somehow, I managed to live to tell the tale.

We have unconventional spins to otherwise conventional father-daughter memories, because we are an eccentric duo.

I totally get how much he loves me when he creates new things for the sake of my health. Dads would usually go to doctors immediately when something bad happens to their kids.

My father makes it a last resort and sees if he has stuff in his lab to make it work first. (I kind of inherited that, too, in the way I handle my activities or ventures. I don’t always go by the usual ways people do things especially if I find a better way.)

His other daughters may feel afraid to try and believe in his products, but I’ve gotten so used to my dad when he makes his eccentric lambing in testing his new creation. He only reserves the best ingredients in his lab for me and my other siblings. Because universally that’s what good dads do– they give the best to their kids.

Considering how many chemicals I have been gurgling since I was a child (I am that sickly, honey), this herbal experiment is a bit of a  safer walk in the park for me. I’ve entrusted myself to so many doctors who are not really related to me.

What’s the harm in trying a solution that my own father made for me in my current state of detrimental health? So many times, we are afraid of the strange solutions. But then, it can turn out that the strange solutions might work in the end.

As I refrigerate my customized herbal drink and drink it with eyes closed, I realize with gratitude that somehow, God really knows what he was doing when he signed me up to be a part of this really strange and wonderful people that I proudly call my family. I often had doubts when I was a kid, but all those doubts are dispelled when I got this from dad’s house yesterday. As a kid, I failed to grasp that I was in an unconventional family with really different ways of expressing love.

I mixed a teaspoon of wild honey to the goo in the glass. Loud and clear, I have gotten the message. More than anything else, this unnamed goo is a huge “I love you” message from dad that I will remember five to six times a day each time I reach for the glass.

And if it works, we might actually stand a chance helping other people…

I realize that this green goo is just full of potential, just like the one who was asked to drink it daily. 🙂


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