Dear ChickenPox

Can I just swear this one time? You filthy, red-spotted son of a bitch. I absolutely hate you.

I lost an instant 10,000 pesos for paying for my medication. Glad that my healthcard paid for my emergency room fees for you sucker. Nothing beats being pushed to the isolation room for being itchy and contagious. I wonder if being bitchy is a side effect but yeah, this is just deep serious shit. I used to laugh about chicken pox. Kids seem to rock it and handle it okay. I am far from okay. I risk respiratory arrest if I do not take those antiviral things that cost a huge percentage of my paycheck.

This is my year for wearing that white gown.This is the week of my training and deadlines for many people.

This is the day where I was close to slashing my wrists in frustration at the sudden quarantine you have caused.

I want to whine like crazy. It’s as if the world’s bullshit exploded all over me. It’s like shit just got real when you started puncturing my skin with these watery globs of pustules and blisters.

I do not even know where I got you. I had that expensive vaccine last year. Half of it, anyway, because I was too busy with overtime to get back to my doctor for the 2nd booster shot.

Anyway, you are abso-fucking-lutely CRAZY for entering my life at age 28 and messing up my schedule.

But I hear you haughtily taunting me, WHY NOT HELEN? Why not chickenpox?

All those years, you SPARED me. But the last three days I had you, shit, you just RUINED me and you almost put me at risk for losing my job and my clients.

How can you hurt me like this? Had I known that you will turn on me at the height of my deadlines, I would have embraced all those red-spotted classmates in elementary just to get it done and over with.

Now I have to buy myself those Contractubex anti-scarring creams. Now I know what acne feels like. Now I know what kurikong feels like cause it’s super itchy. Now I know what not having friends feel like. I’m absolutely isolated. Not even my own mother can hug me now.

I take all those warm showers and when I am not programming from home, I actually spend moments staring out at the window and letting tears fall from my face in sheer frustration. But then it starts to itch because the tears fall on my chickenpox spots. Talk about adding insult to injury.

So anyway, I am practically done whining and I might as well catch on those videos I kept stashing in my personal computer to comfort myself. Least I can do when the itchiness of your red spots cease to make me rest any better.

But even if I watch the best movies or have a bag of chips beside me in bed while working from home, I still hate you.



5 thoughts on “Dear ChickenPox

  1. Haha! Nagka chickenpox rin aku 6 months ago ganun rin yung nararamdaman ko. Yung pag putok talga grabe, di aku makagalaw, masakit buong katawan; pero mawawala agad yan mga 3 days lang; yung Zovirax yung ininum ko;pro grabe 6 times a day atah;tas 1000mg, I forget; hehe

    Get Well soon Helen! 🙂

      1. uu nga di uso. nakuha ko lang yan sa prodigal son ng ex gf ko. hahaha! malas lang! pro at least tapus na me; mas mahirap daw yung matanda ka nah na magkaka chickenpox. 🙂

  2. By the way, mawawala agad yung marks; no scars as long as you dont touch the blisters. or if di maiwasan, may sebo de macho naman dyan pra s mga babae. hehe.:)

    1. hahaha thanks noy, i heard Contractuber and Dermatix cream works wonders din pero medyo pricey. Hindi ko na lang kinakamot. Fortunately hindi masyado sa mukha, nasa torso lahat.

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