The Human Drupalization

Come for the code and stay for the community…


I did stay for the community of wonderful people behind Drupal Pilipinas. And there are so many things that can be done in this CMS. The happy fact of the matter is that I will be with my ultra cool officemates in this program. 🙂 We will be learning Drupal together and making maps more exciting for our clients and even for our own personal pursuits.

My favorite modules of Drupal to date are the Views and GeoField modules. It has been most helpful for my spatial targets as of late.


1. Linux (System Administration)
Scope: Basic Commands, SSH, Apache, MySQL
Scope: Web Standard, DocType, CSS3, HTML5
3. Basic PHP
Scope: Variable, Data Types, Function, Array, Object, Class
4. Intro to Drupal
Scope: Installation
5. Drupal Administration
Scope: Roles, Permission, Menu, Block, Content Authoring, CCK
6. Essential Modules in Drupal Development
Scope: Panels, Services, Display Suite
7. Drupal Theming
Scope: Regions, Block, Preprocess, Sub-theme, Context, Delta
8. Jquery in Drupal
Scope: Drupal behavior js, Drupal settings js, Drupal inline js,
Jquery libraries
9. Drupal Module Development
Scope: hook, api, form alter, form api
10. Essential Tools in Web Development
Scope: Virtualization, Xphrof, Xdebug, Webgrid, Firebug, Yslow,
PageSpeed, Jmeter, Selenium
11. Git Version Control
Scope: Setup, Branching, Merging, Tagging
12 Drush
Scope: Basic Drush, features
13. Drupal Performance and Scaling
Scope: Boost, Memcache, Varnish, APC, CDN
14. Drupal Security
Scope: Coding Standard, Drupal Vurnerabilities, Mitigation, Kung Fu Defense
15. IOS Development
16. Project Management
17. Geo- Mapping + Open layers + leaflet in Drupal
18. Windows Azure and Cloud computing

A sample of the training material is uploaded on Slideshare via this link:

Some of these topics, I have already learned as needed for my current work project. But it’s nice to have an experienced Drupal developer teach me the ropes again for additional knowledge. Drupal is continuously evolving. It’s fresh and it’s chock full of support even for activities like spatial data management. I have also found other nice Python frameworks for mapping and spatial IT activities. But I have a special fondness for Drupal because this is the CMS that helped get me started or interested in these topics to begin with.

Aside from the feeding for the brain, I am excited because I will be getting a free shirt like in previous events:drupal_ap_tshirt


And to further express my current state of excitement, I am posting my current playlist from 8Tracks. This has been most helpful for my noontime power nap and for dev work activities. It’s a versatile playlist of chill and happy. (If you decide to listen to my playlist, do watch out for the Kids MGM Cover by Of Monsters and Men!)

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