Retirement and Old Age Affairs

Cold weather is the bane of my asthmatic existence. I have corticosteroids, nebulizers, liquid anti-asthma, and a generous supply of vaporub. But it never prepares me for the wheezing, the heaving, the nausea, and the difficulty in breathing.

Given such a state, I am constantly reminded of my mortality. Any breathing inconvenience has me waxing.existential and fatalist.

Recently, I decided to get a memorial plan because I firmly believe in the constancy of death. Even up to the last minute of my life, I do not wish to be a burden to my loved ones. I want them to grieve properly, and not grieve because they cannot raise funds to put my head to eternal rest.

It has been three years since I got myself Sunlife for life insurance and retirement. This acquisition of a memorial plan is my second attempt to somehow prepare for my end of life affairs. It may seem like a morbid thought but I know that life will only get busier. Few people my age can appreciate these things. But I had a lot of responsibilities at an early age. I cannot unlearn the things I have learned early in life. I cannot wait for my peers to catch up. I join the baby boomers with my foresight of death and life plans. I only took the austere and basic packages for both life insurance and memorial plan primarily because that’s what my yuppie salary can afford. I could not really care much what my coffin would look like.

So many people flinch from adult decisions, as if it would slow down time and give them an illusion of immortality. I have seen adults act like children one too many times. More than once, I have witnessed that divine providence has a good relationship with prudence. Adults who refuse to take responsibility for themselves make life unbearable for others who are forced to pick up the slack. I have picked up a fair share of slack from previous generations. I am quite firm in my conviction that this cycle of previous generations’ constraints must end here. I want my future children and grandchildren to be free to live life to the fullest.

I know that come old age or death, other people who think it extreme now will appreciate these decisions more. I may not like taking the train to save a few pennies in the here and now. I can take more lessons in domestic bliss. But I am actually mindful of my stewardship of resources in a manner that few people can anticipate.

Given my latest investment decisions, I can wheeze in peace knowing that if I breathe my last, I did not leave my loved ones completely empty-handed.

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