The Wordle never lies. And this is an opportune time to make a Wordle of the year that was, and a possible Wordle of the year to come. I used to play with Wordles for work purposes. I never tried making a personal gallery just for fun and curiosity. Basically, the Wordle makes an aggregate of the most frequently used words in a block of text or RSS feed. I tried it with the latest 10 posts here at Helena and this is what I came up with:


I guess I can say that it sums up my semantics in an abstract form. It’s really pretty. It does not have the dry accuracy of a concordance, but it certainly does its job in highlighting key words or issues from now until 10 posts ago.

Like many people, I have some books or pieces of writing that I like. I decide to paste the text of three of my favorite written works to see if it will reveal anything. This is what came out as a result:


There are words from this ideal Wordle that I would like to see more often in my future writings. Although, I must say, there are words in my present Wordle that I’d very much like to retain in my future blog posts. Placed in a single post, it makes for some interesting observations that I can reflect on.There is this huge “OTHERS” word on the ideal Wordle, for example. I think it is telling me to become less self-absorbed in 2014 and more caring for other people.

The words “blessed” and “Lord” are in my ideal Wordle. Interestingly, while I felt mostly blessed by the Lord even during this year, I did not even have a single blog post that reflected that in my present Wordle. I think I need to manifest that more in my writings in the future. Those are just two of the interesting observations I have gleaned from this tiny word experiment. There are others that I have observed but cannot divulge in the digital playground. In the course of months, when I look back at this post, I might be able to connect more ideas and paint a pretty good picture of the upcoming year.

I made a Wordle for my final post for 2013 to break the notion of structuring everything. I just want 2014 to flow seamlessly without my pre-conceived notions cluttering its entry. I used to be a person who likes making rigid plans. This time around, I just lay out all the ideas and concepts in a more loose manner to accommodate unpredictable things. No matter how much we plan, we are usually given just enough light for the next bend.

Blessings, Love, Prosperity, and Gratitude.

Happy New Year. Goodbye 2013. Welcome, 2014. 🙂


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    1. My comment to your blog link did not go through!!! Must be some security glitch. Happy New Year Meynard! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my inaagiw na blog. LOL.

      1. Ay talaga po? Pero wala naman akong notice na natanggap kung nablock or pumasok.
        Anyway, okay lang yan kahit inaagiw. Blog lang ng blog. Hehe.
        Gusto ko na din bumalik sa blogosphere hehehe. 🙂

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