Hello there, Stranger!

At least that’s what I want to tell this blog after resurrecting it from oblivion. 🙂 I think that so many things have happened and I wanted to make sense of things by looking back into my old treasure trove of digital thoughts. I figured that the massive transformation I underwent since my last post would be hard to chronicle. I just want to pick up where I left off and look at those projects I halted suddenly when I decided to temporarily shut down the playground of my thoughts (most importantly, the board exam tips). I wanted to see which of these I can still salvage with my new digital habits and my new life, in general. It’s hard to surmise how so much can change in a span of 6 months. But here I am anyway, trying to get to know myself after the change.

Why did I decide to reopen this? I realized that before, I was mostly writing for many things. This time, I just want to write again the way I used to: writing because I love it. Writing because I want to, genuinely, without anything attached to the word count or the topics of my posts.

So here’s to happier times and a writing experience from a mellowed (and hopefully more mature) version of myself. 🙂

Maybe one day from today, the changes might transform this into a v2.0. When time permits, perhaps I’ll do that.

For now, though, I am pretty content just relaxing and figuring out what to do next here in this blog and in my life, in general.

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