BB Oh!


1. Blogger was not paid to make this review.

2. Blogger is not a fashion blogger.

3. Blogger is not a fan of Korean stuff prior to this experience.


I know that blemish balm cream or BB cream has been out in the market for a while now. In fact, there is already a newer CC cream or correcting cream that claims to have equally powerful coverage for the face. BB cream is a one stop shop for facial coverage. It has everything I want in a product: moisturizer, foundation, tint/coverage, blemish hider.

Some people are swearing by BB cream brands like Etude House but I personally like minimalistic and serious stuff on my face and body, not those with the really glittery designs. My bestfriend told me that there was this very tiny Korean makeup store in Megamall near Chatime that sells an awesome set of BB creams. So I went to find the quaint store, which was very elegant and minimalist for a Korean store:


Immediately, I asked the lady what’s the cheapest you’ve got for BB creams. And she was so confident in pointing out their cotton beige version.

I know it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover but somehow this packaging reassured me that it’s as pure and luminous on the inside, and that it will take my skin care seriously:


It’s reasonably priced for its brand at Php 328. I immediately decided to buy and decide that if I break out in hives later, I will just call their manager. One drop covered my entire face already; I tried applying more and I ended up having so thick a coverage…

So how was the experience? Interestingly, I managed to endure the heat of the afternoon sun in my recent Forever 21 styling attempt on the little black dress. And it served as a good primer for my eyeshadow.

This afternoon, I stepped out in the sun for 30 minutes at 36 degrees Celsius.

I went back to the office still looking as dewy and fresh as ever:


(Whoever invented this blemish balm is a gift of the gods!)


There are a few products that are worth reviewing. Most are just really paid advertisements on beauty blogs, and I don’t usually find myself liking makeup tools like this since I have been averse to fashion for as far as I can remember.

But this product is off the charts, possibly one of the best if not the best I’ve tried since I was 13 years old. People deserve to know which products actually work. While the product is not exactly favorable to the morena types of beauty, I think the light-skinned lot in this side of the world may do well to know that this product exists, is reasonably priced, and it works. And you don’t need to be a certified makeup artist to know that it does.



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