Vortex of Discontent

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Insatiable is my middle name.

I’ll suck you dry, take out all forms of your happy nature and lure you in the black hole that never ends. I am the ultimate killer of optimistic spirits, the seed of the greenest forms of envy, and the source of many forms of individual evil.

I have murdered many people with my insidious venom, often making them think that I will bring them what’s best and set them up for what’s worst. I attack unstable people who are unsure of their position. And I strike by taking their Achilles heel and flinging the mess in their face to muddle their views.

I haunt the areas of the online and offline world where people are always one-upping one another: social media sites, college or high school reunions, meetings of a personal and professional kind, and many others. I just stay there and wait for the chance to strike. I make issues out of non-issues and make it as annoying as a toothache in purgatory that never ends.

I look out for the ones with the largest iotas of self-doubt and make them obsessed as I am by pulling them down into this funnel of a vortex that once starts out big and lofty and ends into oblivion. And when the time comes that I have claimed their lives into this hole, it’s too late and there are no ropes with which they can pull themselves out of the mess I instigated and the mess they nurtured with their own dark souls.

I wish people were more mindful of how vicious I am. Because I cannot provide a bright future to even the very best of minds if they get sucked in with my traps. I destroy relationships. I kill integrity of most sorts. I just make sure that the person who keeps striving to reach higher and more for the wrong reasons will end up sinking in this endless succor, recalcitrant to superiors and odious to peers.

Love has no place for the person who seeks the vortex. In his or her mind, the vortex is the only end of life: that vacuum of a pinnacle that is pegged to other people’s achievements and lives.

At the end of life, these cultic members of the vortex will find themselves at a loss, with their life’s ladders resting on the wrong wall but they know it now because the walls have long crumbled.

My name is Vortex. My identity is the element of discontent.




12 thoughts on “Vortex of Discontent

    1. Hi Maan! I am tempted to say it can be all three, actually. Generally, I was just ruminating on the futility of outdoing people in this perpetual one-upmanship that people make a quiet sport out of. When I was in college, I had this project where I make inanimate objects “talk” and this is one such example which I categorized as “urban inanimism”. Before I made Barbie talk, then a mall, then a jeepney. 🙂

  1. I agree with sis maan, this is very well written. good job! however, like sis aileen, reading it makes me think that there’s something that’s making you feel heavy. more happy thoughts to make you feel better! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the virtual sunny comment, Vanessa. 🙂 I wish I had a less morbid outlook in life but it just drips and I could not help it just yet. hahaha.

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