The Bunch of Roses
after the Thorns

As most of my intimate friends know, this is not exactly a very smooth phase of life lately. Don’t get me wrong; things are mostly sunny with intermittent showers in the weather of my soul. Let’s just say that I found certain troubles and it was not as easy to just shrug them off. Most of my challenges in this year have links to choices that will affect the rest of my life. To say that it’s crucial is an understatement. My goodness, how hard can this further get?

So while I dreadfully feel tension in all directions and I am overflowing with emotions that I need to control on a daily basis, I think that I still deserve to write a post to thank God for most of the things, good and bad both. I think that despite the challenges, I still got much more than what I personally deserve.

There are some special things that happened today and this week that I cannot write about publicly. Suffice it to say that this learning dilettante is actually doing wonderfully despite certain awful cards that life has handed me recently.

I just think of how blessed I am and how little I write about this gratitude on my blog. Some of my problems are actually PRIVILEGES that I have a hard time handling. I got so many OPTIONS, something that I never thought I’d have much of in life, and most of the paths are all good and exciting which makes it even a harder set of decisions to make. What’s a girl to do?

I can’t help but feel sometimes that much of my life’s very essence just begun mostly last year and this year, for some reason.

Reminds me of how essences in real life are taken out when you crush the leaves and get the oils that come out of it.

There’s one really oily and lucky person here, I must say.

Might as well take time to smell the flowers, right? šŸ˜‰


image credits: Engr. Homer Pagkalinawan

flower credits: Dr. Hernando Salapare III

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after the Thorns

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