It’s sweltering hot here in the Philippines. And of course, it’s the peak season of mall trips and cold drinks. I managed to outgrow my used-to-be insatiable milk tea desires and I decided to switch to something that’s more natural and healthy. I’ve been hearing about Jamba Juice and since I’m a perpetual fan of orange juice, I decided to go and see what the fuss was about.

Apparently, it’s juice with a cause when I checked their website because proceeds of their income go to various things that are fairly significant. The fact that it’s not as artificially made as other cold drinks make it less guilt-inducing to drink away at this time of year. At occasional peak temperatures of up to 37 degrees Celsius and so few trees here in this urban side of the country, I think it can be justifiable and understandable to find yourself hanging onto any of these Jamba Juice stores.

I managed to try a medium-sized Orange Dream Machine on my first visit. It tasted like orange-flavored Fruitella. It was one of my childhood favorites so I guess the nostalgia came with the free energy boosts.

And they have a photo booth. 🙂

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