Le Faerie Godmother:
Basic Makeup Workshop

After almost two weeks of being Edward Cullen’s concubine (complete paleness and groggy sleepy eyes to match), I decided to step out of the house yesterday to get some sun not for therapy but for a basic makeup workshop hosted by Miss Bee Lu, partnered by her photographer husband Mr. Abner Lu. A business administration graduate of DLSU, Ms. Lu guided five of us in her makeshift unit slash studio at Eastwood for the much-needed crash course on makeup tools and make up techniques. She also had products which were available at her Eastwood lair or their store at Robinsons Place Ermita (2nd floor near Terranova).


I highly recommend the 75-color eye palette which is sold to students at a bargain price of 500 pesos. Seventy-five colors… I can certainly use a few favorite colors and experiment with the others for the rest of the year. But I’m hypoallergenic so I might have to return and sample the items bit by bit to test them on my skin. So far, the ones I have tried in the workshop yesterday did not cause any weird itchiness or blemishes.

Here’s my “before” shot courtesy of Ms. Cha Abletes:


Before going to this workshop, I was really particular about eye shadow blending techniques. My newfound friend Cha is the selected model in our humble group of six. Teacher did a real good job on the eyes here:


In the end, all six of us fared pretty well. I am missing the lady blogger who looks like Ehra Madrigal after the makeover in this photo. But we did not do so bad. I am quite happy with my accomplishment because I am a total beginner at makeup, and now I can finally fix myself up. During my last event (the one where I wore a blazer saver), my mom fixed up the panda-like mess I have made of my eyes. 😛



For my first self-instigated makeover, I settled for really safe colors, colors that I can use when I go to work everyday or when I just want to have some fun out in the sun or indoors. I think I still need to work on my eye shadow blending, but I surprised myself with the natural ease with which I handled the cheek contouring. The jawline contouring can also use some work. Each of my makeup classmates had their respective strengths which they accentuated. I settled for a very casual outfit so that I can evaluate the transformation of my face before and after the makeup session. The natural makeup color selection worked under various lighting conditions

at the foot of a stairway by the mezzanine:


with the help of some darkening/coloring camera trick courtesy of Mr. Abner Lu:



using natural lighting from the window:


and I was comfortable enough to play around with my mouth, my eyes, and the fascinators, even:


IMG_3403-2  IMG_3409-2IMG_3418-2

I stepped in the unit completely clueless about the types of brushes and the things that women put on their faces. I stepped out knowing which slant of the brush works in what part of my face and what comprises the preparations of the face before and after applying liquid/powder foundation.

So many clouds threatened to snuff the life out of me the last few months and especially the last two weeks. One session with these awesome people and these awesome things did not solve all of my problems but gave me an additional hobby worth spending time on.I can have a book in one hand and a makeup brush set in another.

And somehow, in the midst of all that sunshine and laughter and mixing palette fiascos, I found that I can smile again for real and just have hope that things can still be as sunny as I will allow it, and that includes having me and my Portuguese nose held high up to the direction of the sky no matter how low life can sometimes choose to bring me:


Despite my numerous dismal experiences with fashionable people in my childhood and early adulthood, I am happy to find that there are nice fashionable people out there whose outfits and sense of style match the inner kindness that radiates their being. I am relieved to find that I have met them and that allowed me to revisit the world of fashion, a world which I used to hate so much but now love in a different way.



And that the world’s significant moments are counted not by the number of things you have but the number of smiles you have made out of your face and the faces of the people you are with, whether you fit the ramp model stereotype or not:



It certainly helped that I embraced who I am this time around, and I just let the new makeup lessons unveil what has long been there and waiting to be appreciated in its fullness.


To achieve this look:

1. Apply primer.

2. Apply corrector. (I used a lot of pink and green. Those darn mosquito bites are hardly seen, right?)

3. Find the right color of foundation by mixing or just getting the right shade tested against your natural skin color. (I was a mix of 1 and 4 by Le Faire color standards for foundation, with more 1 because of my slightly fairer skin.)

4. Apply foundation.(Dab, not rub like a madman!)

5. Contour with brown areas like your jawline and cheek hollows if needed.

6. Line your brows. (No tweezing in this session, fortunately.)

7. Blend two colors with your eyes. (Originally, I used pink and blue which was a disastrous combination. So I overpowered the blue side with brown and used a brush to blend it accordingly.) Blend three if you’re a pro. 😛

8. Apply a hint of blush to get that kissed-by-the-sun effect. A bronzer will also be in order. (But I did not put bronzer.)

9. Generously apply orangey lipstick.

10. Rally with a bunch of other supportive makeup beginners to egg you on as you strike a pose.

11. Get shots taken from a very supportive and patient photographer (I will forever be in debt to Sir Abner Lu for this remarkable quality of his), find your angles, and explore varying light conditions.


I guess I’m a convert now. Shoes. Some clothes. And now… Makeup.<3

For more information on the fairy godparents who helped put a silver lining to my moody clouds, you can check out Le Faire Cosmetics’ Facebook page by clicking here. I think they have bridal makeup techniques for May. I availed myself of the Php 999 summer promo but regular pricing is at Php 2,000 to 3,000.




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Basic Makeup Workshop

  1. I love this sis! 🙂 wish I could’ve joined you in this makeup workshop. haha. d na kita naupdate throught text eh. hehe. see you soon! mwahhh! <3

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