Milky Way: Makati’s Gastronomic Delight


Somewhere in the middle of the busy Makati streets lie the galaxy of food trips, the galaxy that is Milky Way. I entered the ultra-classy facade after a rather harrowing morning of meetings and Metro Manila traffic. It was my window of time to meet one of my wedding’s ninangs and she suggested that we go here for the much-needed girl talk and catching up.

Very thankful, Ninang A, for driving from your office to a place that was accessible during my brief Makati stint as outsourced GIS specialist for a transport forecasting expert.

I absolutely loved the ambience. It’s the kind of place where you can hole up for hours while reading a book, or catch up with old friends to reminisce old memories against the backdrop of the wooden and shiny interior that is a cataclysm of both the present day and days gone past. Surely, Chef Gamboa’s gastronomic brainchild did not disappoint. Asking my gourmet expert ninang-to-be what I can order from Milky Way that is really good for a hearty lunch, she simple said: “Any. It’s Milky Way, so anything you order is good.”

True enough, I felt the weight of the Adobong Pusit, Hungarian Sausage, and Halo halo on my hips hours after the rendezvous, but it was well worth the extra few calories. The Adobong Pusit had a hint of spice and was cooked just right, with the right texture of squid that did not wage war with my molars. The Hungarian Sausage was spicier and yummier with a few french fries on the side. And the Halo Halo resembles the finely crushed ice of Razon’s Halo Halo bestseller but they had the really yummy ube ice cream on top of the ingredient-rich concoction. It was drizzling in Makati when we had lunch at Milky Way.  (Sorry for not having pictures; I was too busy enjoying the food to even remember to take some snapshots for blog keepsaking purposes.)

Ninang treated me to this hearty lunch with lots of wedding advice. In between laughs and mouthfuls of the good food, we were able to catch up on  the latest in each other’s lives. I think that more than the food that was served to us that rainy afternoon, it was the joyful company of a good friend which made it happier. I am still impressed that despite this person’s high stature, she remains down to earth and even converses with ordinary people like me. 🙂 More than being a high profile person, I believe that she is my friend and she has always had a mix of friendly and maternal feelings for me. 🙂

Someday, I hope to treat a friend over to lunch at Milky Way like she did. It’s really a food trip gift worth giving to the near and dear. It’s definitely not the last time that I am going to visit this place. Once you have been acquainted with the galaxy of food trips in a single building along Pasay Road, it’s hard not to have your tummy beckoning you to come back and have some more. 🙂




2nd Floor, Milkyway Building
900 Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road)
corner Paseo de Roxas,
Makati City 1200 Philippines
Telephone:843-4124, 843-7124





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