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It’s official. I live under a rock of my own making after committing social media suicide. And I proved it to myself when my very own article entitled EDSAnted Kingdom got published on Youngblood section of Philippine Daily Inquirer last Holy Tuesday and I only found out at 2am this morning. 🙂  This was not my first published article, but it’s my first in Youngblood. Fortunately for me, aside from being published in the newspaper’s Opinion section (which I no longer have the chance to buy at this point), it was also published online:


(To read the rest of the feature article, please click here.)

Let me tell you some background story on why this article is special to me. I know that I have friends and I have known people who get published on a newspaper almost everyday. This is no big deal for them.Far accomplished writers have their own editorial columns and I know this is not even half of what they contribute to society.

But Youngblood means more than just another published article.

One evening around eleven years ago, I was typing a contribution to Youngblood in a computer shop (I did not have my own computer at the time). My English teacher in third year high school, Sir Reynaldo Binuya, introduced Youngblood to me. According to him, it’s one of those pages that show you what a good feature article is. One of our school paper’s alumni got published in Youngblood and my teachers in school raved about her for months on end.

Since then, I had wanted to write for Youngblood because it seemed like a really significant place. In my teenage eyes, it seems like you can prove yourself to be a decent enough writer outside the school paper when you make it in Youngblood.

After not making it during my 17-year-old submission (I already forgot what I wrote about; it was eleven years ago.), I just forgot all about it. I got published in other places except Youngblood.

Until one day last month when I decided to email Youngblood for the second time. In a moment of lucidity, I was just thinking that in 8 years’ time, I won’t be able to write for Youngblood because I no longer have young blood running in my veins by then. So I just had to try, if only to complete this teenage aspiration that I never really managed to accomplish. 🙂

One teenage mission accomplished. <3




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