A Truce with Heels

Today marks the day where I sort of make peace with my sworn fashion enemy: high heels.


After poring over pages and pages of gown details for my upcoming wedding, I realized that I have to reconcile myself with these oh-so-painful type of footwear. I have a year to make things right; after all, it was a season of flats and sneakers during college days and the first two working years post-board exam. One time, I was forced to wear high heels to join a really obscure beauty contest in a faraway land. I lost to the other girl because I did not know how to strut my stuff in my red 5-inch heels.

I know. It’s odd to confess a putrid allergy to high heels. Stylish women pay a lot just to snag themselves a pair, and every style book swears that a woman can never have too many of this. It’s every woman’s style weapon. Among heeled shoes, there are hierarchies with classics ranking high and rare in the shopping list. The right pair of nude heels makes you appear taller and sexier, and all colors of high heels give you that typical swinging hip that makes walking so alluring to watch.

I settled for a classic color in my cabinet, although I honestly am not a consistently style-conscious person. In my peace talks with tall footwear, I opted to wear really little black cotton dress with a pin-striped blazer draped above it. LBD came from a Forever 21 sale in Megamall. 🙂


It’s sort of a transition dress from work to a nice dinner date for Friday evening. This morning, before stepping out of the house, I slipped rather uncomfortably into a pair of beige heels. This was bought by my fiance and his sister last December for a wedding. I think she’s the perfect reconciliation choice as I warm up to dressing like a woman.


I realize that high heels are actually the rejected bestfriend of my legs, always waiting for me to come around. She has lovingly welcomed me this time. And yes, she loves my legs, too. I was the only unwilling person who hated wearing her, but now I think she’s here to stay for as long as my legs don’t give out. I still have my running shoes and sneakers for my workout in case I want to get comfortable and dandy.

Looking at that picture of myself wearing heels, I kind of got convinced already that I must allot some space in my sneaker and slipper-swamped shoe rack for these really adorable babies. Walking in it is an acquired taste, but I have not seen any other pair of footwear which can make my legs look as nice as that. Hihi. 🙂

(I ended up wearing flats in the afternoon but it’s a good start. And massive thanks to running PE class in college for toning my legs somewhat.)

happy helen

I guess I’m off to greater heights literally speaking. 🙂 <3

4 thoughts on “A Truce with Heels

  1. I don’t wear heels too sheng but now I love wearing them. haha! 😀 I love black and nude ones. how are you? let’s chat on skype.

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