Symphony Themes’
 Master Drupal in 7 Hours

Mixing work and fun is really the best kind of life anyone can have. As such, I derived such satisfaction setting up and updating the core database of my Drupal-powered Map Playground. This new addition to Helena blog is bound to help add another dimension to my self-expression as a blogger, and hopefully this self-expression can be of use to fellow bookworms. Too early to say now what I plan to do with my virtual playground for mapping pursuits, but it’s definitely something enjoyable and light.

Of course, Drupal is an altogether new form of CMS and takes some getting used to. Greatly helpful in getting my feet wet in this new interface is the uber-conveniently written Master Drupal in 7 Hours.

From a programmer’s perspective, they might just find themselves wanting more out of the book. But for real beginners, this book is pretty neat. It gives just the right kind of overview to help you get used to how Drupal works. Of course, the main thrust is in using it in conjunction with Symphony Themes’ customizable Drupal themes in their website. I loved the Conch layout but for some reason, it did not work when I tried to load it in my map playground.

At this point in my online life, I am lover of WordPress but I am starting to look into alternative systems because the programming and blogging world is so wide and deep that we cannot just contain ourselves in a single type of system. Why just settle for one when you can have a lot of choices to try and choose from?

So far, I’ve done a scant introduction to the more visual element of this blog through the subdomain I’ve set up. Hope that in the coming days, there will be more action on my Drupal domain while here at WordPress I continue to focus on words.

And for those who want to jump the Drupal bandwagon: Click here to download the ebook.

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