Guest Post: How to Find Your Valentine

Yes! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So, how’s your heart? We don’t mean to spark bitterness or hopelessness in the air if you still don’t have a date by now. Don’t worry. We will help you find that right man to enjoy this day even when you’re single.

Tips for Right Man Hunt

1. Ask Your Friends

You can go straight asking your friends if they have someone who can be paired to you. This someone has to be single, to stay away from the dangers of being harassed by the existing girlfriend. If you’re the shy type, you can drop hints and ask what they will be doing on Valentine’s Day and if they have their dates for the night. Share your own plans and if they are true friends, one or more will be willing to help you spend the day with the right man.

2. Go Online

With Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so many more social media nowadays, it is easy to connect to other people. This means that you can send a message and explore profiles of not only those in your network but also those who are friends of your friends. Try social dating and chat with prospect dates for V-day. If you like how the conversation is going, that guy might be the right one for you. Ask him casually what he will be doing on that day and you can then drop the line to spend the day together if possible so you won’t both feel like you’re the only single people in the world.

3. Gather All Single Friends

Propose an activity to all your single friends. The idea is to invite all their other single friends, whether male or female, to this party on Valentine’s Day. So you can mingle with people and rub elbows with them until you feel comfortable. The result is that you don’t only get to be with one date but with multiple dates.

4. Call Your Former Schoolmate

Message your schoolmate back in high school or college and check how he or she is doing nowadays. You can talk over the phone, online or exchange SMS via cell phone. Chances are, you can request to meet each other on hearts day. You don’t have to feel ashamed because this person has been an acquaintance for years. You only have to spend more effort to get to know each other on that day.

5. Join Speed Dating Activity

If all else fails, joining a speed dating activity where you encounter the opposite sex for five minutes or more with simple conversations may do the trick. After getting all their information and finding out who you are best compatible with, go out on a date with him. He might turn out to be real gentleman who can soon be asking if you can be his girlfriend!

All tips mentioned here are focused on connections and relationships. You just have to know wrhich steps to work on first before landing to your goal. Don’t freak out when you don’t get to find the right valentine. You can make the day special anyway and be happy by bonding with a close friend or a dear relative or family member.

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