From Your B/Pestfriend

Friends are like wine. They tend to get better as they get older. They become more valuable as years pass by in life and you find a huge chunk of people in your life fall away one by one.

I have two good friends who have been with me since my teenage years. They remain the weirdos that I can be completely weird with on a daily basis. With them, I need not explain myself too much. They know me too well to pass judgment even on the most appalling of things.

I honestly cannot imagine life without them because they’ve been there for so long. Occasionally, my busy sked slips me out of the radar. But I always go back to them and a handful I consider people I literally grew up with. It is in their company that I explain my behavior the least.

There’s nothing extraordinary about this post. It’s just me being thankful for the wonderful gift of having such good friends. Despite my ultra-difficult nature, I found them so easy to be with and they genuinely enjoy being with me. With friends of this calibre, you don’t need to be the world’s friend. They, in and of themselves, are worth worlds and beyond.

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