Fantastico is Fantastico!

I was in the process of exploring an intriguing ebook entitled “Master Drupal in 7 Hours” for work purposes. I had a pet project of building my own geoportal here at Helena blog to fuse and celebrate my love for writing and mapping. In fact, I have a subdomain set up already:

I was reading Hour 1 tasks for the Drupal book and my friend Jehz was laughing at me when I told him about the task that Hour 1 required. It turns out, the Drupal ebook did not teach me that there was an easier way to set up Drupal CMS.

It was through Fantastico. I swear, after using Fantastico on cpanel, Drupal admin was immediately setup in my subdomain. It was as easy as uploading a media file.

Just so I can say I went through the drill, I tried installing Drupal manually by putting the themes in the public_html folder of my subdomain. But it was time-consuming and required a more kickass internet connection.

AFAIK, there are so many things that are left to be learned in the world of programming. But no matter how busy I am, I know that it’s worth giving time to exploring this fascinating world of code and content management systems.

I hope I can erect Helena’s MapGeek Geoportal before the first half of this year. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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