The Writing Engineer Prepares for Marriage

The Ring
Monthsary gift from Atty. B

January 7, 2013.

This was our seventeenth monthsary. Prior to this, the boyfie and I have been talking extensively about the future. I knew this was coming, but he made sure to put in the giant element of surprise in his proposal.

The proposal happened in Trinoma, in one of those silver jewelry shops. I never imagined getting shocked but I was, in fact, shocked until I got home. I wanted to cry but I did not want to ruin the moment.

He treated me to one of my favorite restaurants, CafΓ© Mary Grace. And then while I had my mango bene and he had his sans rival, he was trying hard to compose his words. I felt like he was hesitating and so I thought this was just a regular monthsary thing and I was just overthinking things.

A few minutes later, we walked and then stopped at a jewelry shop. I tried on some rings to help him get my size for future reference. I thought he was just getting my ring size as part of his “research”. But as I stared at the citrine-stoned silver ring, apparently the only ring that fits my tiny finger, he popped in a quick question: “So does this mean yes? Oo na yan ha?”

My jaw dropped. In my mind, I thought: This is really it?!? I tried to look for traces of humor but there was none. He took out his wallet and paid for the ring. As we walked away from the store, I asked him if he meant it and why he chose that moment.

He said he wanted to make sure, that he no longer wants to let go of me, of us. And he said that it’s something we can both look forward to even in the midst of all these hardships we have in our personal and professional lives. And he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Me…

Me… Me with the mood disorder diagnosis. Me with the busy schedule. Me with the breadwinning things. Me with the middle class socio economic status. Me, the girl who finds it hard to save… And prior to meeting this person, I was actually convinced that I might not be the marrying type. I am not the home economics expert that most guys like. I am more ambitious and frank while the usual wifey types are submissive and coy.

Love covers not just a multitude of wrongs, but a multitude of imperfections. In his big, brown eyes, all I see is love in spite of my imperfections. All I see is his caring for my welfare and a genuine happiness of having me in his life. On a daily basis, he commits to share his day with me, and he even took it to another level as he sort of pledged his future days with me in it. And at this point, I cannot really imagine life without my Paulo in it.

I guess we just put limits to ourselves but in reality, love transcends even those things which worried me about getting involved romantically. True love does not discriminate; it makes itself known so that everyone can continue to hope that it exists and it happens in real life.

After all those heartaches, I never thought I’d find him. But here he is, and every waking moment is a dream since he came into my life. πŸ™‚ I may have a lot of things on my plate, but they all seem so small compared to finding the love of my life. I’m really thankful. And I am just dedicating this post to the person who places silver linings to my cloudy head. I love you, Attorney. Thanks for sentencing me to lifetime imprisonment…in your arms.


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  1. Wow! True love so beautifully described! And this line “Thanks for sentencing me to lifetime imprisonment…in your arms” is a winner!

    All the best to Engr. & Atty.!

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