Mainline and Sideline Festival

I hear my family’s snores as they sleep beside me in our airconditioned room. I’m equally tired, but still wide awake because there are thoughts floating in my mind.

These same thoughts of correlated jetsam and flotsam are what I capture somehow through the clickety clack of keys on my Blackberry as I type up this post.

A confirmed INFP Myer Briggs personality type, I am often faced with situations that require me to adapt in a non-INFP friendly environment. Engineering jobs are typically an STJ thing, and corporate jobs often require the more able hands of the ENTJ’s field marshall tendencies. A friend tells me I am a bit of a masochist for placing myself in these industries, where I could have more easily adapted to languages and writing courses.

And yet, here I am, tinkering with spreadsheets for my retirement fund, setting all these goals and achieving them, and surprisingly enjoying life as a geodetic engineer and freelance writer.

Given certain new circumstances, I now have higher propensity to take on additional work to keep all goals intact and all required deliverables implemented in a timely manner. I am working so hard on most days that I kind of lose sense of time. I’ve never done these all-nighters since college days. I’ve found my working groove back despite the numerous technical setbacks I am facing. I willingly work and no one has to drag me.

When I compare it to the I-must-impress-people heydays of my college workaholism, I realize that a distinct change has been brought to me by age and realization. It’s as if a new brand of working hard has somehow emerged these past three months.

And it is not the driven as a demon type of working hard anymore. It was more of responding to a life’s specific calling at work, multiplying time by introducing order to multiple tasks, and rising to the occasion with a sound serenity unlike any other.

Despite numerous stressors, I can really still stay that life is wonderful and there is a good God watching over everything to provide the necessary balance even at life’s seemingly lowest moments.

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