My Goodness by Joe Queenan

A unique book sale find, “My Goodness: A Cynic’s Short-lived Search for Sainthood” was no ordinary memoir. It was written by Joe Queenan, one of the most caustic writers to have grazed this planet. He admitted it right at the beginning and asserted it at the end. And in between, I guffawed in bed while everyone else was sleeping. It was one of the best bedtime reading materials I’ve found for myself.

I usually find some parts of memoirs to be dragging. But not this one. I managed to finish it within a week, squeezing in page after page in between my hectic schedule from my new fulltime job. I know I said I love freelance, but I actually found an offer worth going fulltime for.

Going back to the memoir I just read… He is really mean, but in a very charming way. The book just appealed to me. It was darkly comic with a lot of self-deprecating and other-deprecating wit that I find appealing in books. After reading John Behrendt’s chilling novel of Savannah, this was a welcome relief. But it never asked me to give up the intellectual stimulation. It was funny, eye-opening, and mentally stimulating.

This New York Times, Guardian, and Esquire writer does not really mince words but he knows how to mince people with a few sentences.

It’s very unique to find an ultra mean guy ‘fess up to extreme attempts to become a kind person. Although I won’t go to the extremes of going all vegan and joining Mother Earth rallies, I found some of his attempts to be highly relatable to.

The writing style is ultra contemporary and there’s always action and aplomb in his use of words. I find myself chuckling every few paragraphs. He just has this talent of stringing words with both a mental and humorous punch to it, as if it takes you by surprise. I was actually most amused at the part where he was answering to hate mail from readers worldwide.

Bewildered, amazed, and amused as I was, I cannot really say I agree with his conclusions and life principles or beliefs. But for an entertaining read, this is worth checking out.

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