Confession of a TV Junkie

Around a year ago, I was dating a guy and he asked me which TV shows am I fond of watching.

I was flabbergasted because at the time, I was only watching Big Bang Theory and Fringe.

Today, BBT is still a favorite. My addiction to TV shows began when I succumbed to laughing fits with the wiles of Sheldon Cooper and the alien invasion in the world of Olivia (Anna Torv). I was actually sad that Sheldon (Jim Parsons) of BBT did not win his third Emmy in this year’s awards.

Since then, my TV show viewing habit has branched out to the spy tactics of Nikita, the talents of The Voice Season 3, and the musical variety of Glee Season 4 (and Glee Project!). There’s also the sassy Zooey Deschanel starrer in New Girl and the snarky Kat Dennings character in 2 Broke Girls that I find myself having the viewing hots for.

I find it difficult to balance watching all these shows. I usually wait for the entire season to finish and do marathons on weekends instead of watch it weekly on cable. Lately, I decided to make it more gradual and fit it in my schedule because I am risking eye injury and strain with my old practice, not to mention an overheated laptop adaptor. Reading Fifty Shades Trilogy killed my Netbook and watching 15 episodes of Nikita had the copper wiring of my laptop adaptor burning.

Last Saturday, I joined the latest bandwagon of Suits fans, and got enamored to the lawyerly, dynamic, and witty sense of humor presented by this show. I happen to have a lawyer boyfriend, and I got to appreciate his profession more with the wit of Mike Ross and Harvey Specter.

It’s quite easy to permanently associate actors with the roles they play in these beloved shows I am religiously watching. I even followed my favorites on Twitter like Shane West (Nikita).

Vampire fan as I am, I have yet to watch the fascinating True Blood series. I did have some time to catch bits and pieces of Vampire Diaries, though. Given the abysmal PR slip brought by the highly publicized Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson issue, I think I’d opt for other vampire movies and TV shows for the rest of year.

Some people think watching shows feverishly like this can be a time waster or some even go as far as saying that it is devoid of intellectual substance. On the contrary, I learned so much about telekinetic potential from Fringe (although they exaggerated it there) than in any New Age book. I still think that the critical consciousness brought about by TV shows is something that can make any person more imaginative, critical of his world and how it is related to the show or characters, and multi-dimensional. It’s much easier to visualize and appreciate stories in multimedia. Though I hold a soft spot in my heart for paperbacks and hardbound books, it’s quite refreshing to watch depiction via TV shows and movies. Sometimes, it’s even therapeutic. LOL.

Having said that, I now sign off to watch the 7 season 1 episodes of Suits and the entire season 2 of Nikita.

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