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Much like walking, talking and writing, we each have our own individual styles of running. Who’s toRunning Properly say that you’re running any less properly? If you think that you’re comfortable and efficient with your technique, why don’t you consider even fine-tuning it? In this article, we will teach you the basics of how to run properly from breathing, stepping, posture and preparations to aid you improve your running performance. As well, we will tackle some safety measures to avoid getting possible injuries.

1. Proper Body Posture With Less Tension
Having a good posture is important in running. You should not lean too back or too forward. Rather, your body’s focus should just be on the center. Keep your head elevated and your back straight. Drop and relax your shoulders and keep them parallel to the ground.When you feel tired in the middle of the run, the normal tendency is to slouch a little. But keep in mind that doing this will only strike pains in your back, neck and shoulders later. So stand tall and poke your chest out to strengthen your torso.

2. Proper Movement of Arm and Hands
When we walk, we cannot help but swing our arms for balance. Similarly, when we run, we keep tighteningclenched fists as we propel and increase our speed. However, note that you should just take a light grip of your hand. This is because the tension and pressure of fists too closed would work its way up from the fingertips to your shoulders, and this might tire you more along the way.Your elbows should be kept bent at a right angle, with your arms away from your chest a bit, but not as stiff as if you are a robot. Your arm should swing just between your torso and waistline. A height higher than that entails shorter pace length and an added pressure on your shoulders, while a height lower causes you to lean to the front and bounce while running.

3. Proper Breathing System
Most of the time, runners breathe through the mouth and exhale through the nose, to keep a great amount of oxygen circulation. This is okay but the best recommendation of experts is to breathe through the abdomen (just like when you’re singing).If you’re not used to this type of breathing tough, you may practice by slowly doing inhale and exhale exercises while lying on your back with a flat object on your belly. Notice how the object rises and falls calmly, while you breathe in and out as your lungs expand better. Apply the same style when you become more accustomed, and you will notice that breathing is easier in your running activity.

4. Proper Striding

To prevent having shin splits and knee injuries, do not over-stride or under-stride. Don’t let your rear leg leap too far out or near from your original body position. Rather, you should maintain just enough space to do forward progressions smoothly. As for your knee, don’t lift them too high as this might damage your quadriceps quickly.As for your feet, you should follow the ball-heel-toe stepping technique, whereby the ball of your foot should land first before your Achilles heel. This not only develops greater muscles in your legs but also lessens the chances of having injuries on your hamstrings, calves and tendonsby giving you better shock absorption.

5. Proper Use of Sight
Look about 30 to 40 yards ahead to the horizon, to see what’s coming upfront. Never look down to the ground or your feet, as this will not only strain your muscles on your spine and tension on your neck but lead you to restricted breathing as well.

As mentioned, there is no perfect way of running but there are proper techniques you can follow to equip you with more efficiency and greater power. You can practice each of these areas one by one and try to improve your own style through time. Running is a fun sport that you can enjoy with a partner, your friends and family. Encourage them to also be guided by the “more proper” running styles and remember to do stretching and warm-up exercises first to stay safe!

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Ann Joy Perez is an alumna from Arellano University Philippines, a former Marketing Assistant and a 25 year old, single. She is into almost all types of Music especially lovesongs. She also love playing basketball, video games,watching entertainment andfilms.watching news tv and reading news paper is one of her favorite hobby and also sheloves to eat. Follow her interest onher Tumblr.

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