Hacker Post-Mortem

After a major phishing attack, Helena the blog is officially back. I decided to keep my temporary Tumblr blog (helen-mary.tumblr.com) and this one. I just have to make a decision on which ideas go to where. Definitely, I’d keep the blogpost series on board exam tips here and other useful stuff for readers (whatever remained of them).

The hack attack was scary but I am just glad it’s over, thanks to the help of my blogging brother Jehz (lifesaver ka talaga!).

Unfortunately, the hack forced me to purge the old configuration and layout. And I lost some of my favorite posts. Whatever remained now are the plainest ones. And it depresses me a little. But I shall continue restoring this blog as much as I can.

Life goes on. And for that schmuck hacker, I hope you stop victimizing bloggers like that. It’s pure evil, really. I can’t even count the number of blog posts I lost from you. Sighs.

20 thoughts on “Hacker Post-Mortem

    1. Carina! halu! What happened? Naku I think all the sites were affected, those which are under the same host. 🙁 It took a long time to fix din. Parang may one month din. 🙁 Hope maayos na yung iyo soonest. Miss you guys!

  1. Once, my SIL’s blog was also hacked good thing naibalik through the help of other blogger din. Anyway, good to see Helena again in blogosphere!

  2. Good that you are back. Yay, how’s hacker attack ba? I wonder how can I back up my site. Sayang naman kasi kung mawawala lang lahat ng ganun ganun lang. Hackers are really selfish!

  3. its good to have you back! it was kinda scary. As for me I think I wouldn’t know what to do if all my efforts can probably come to a waste. I really hate those people who make others unhappy.

  4. Oh that was really bad. I experienced being hack also on one of my blogs and they’ve injected some sort of scripts that spreads the virus and while on the process of retrieving it I accidentally deleted it. Hay.. how clumsy am I. Anyway good that you were able to get help.

  5. I’m so sad to hear you’ve gone through all that but I’m also happy that your blog is running smoothly now. My blog had been attacked before that I almost gave up blogging altogether. I don’t understand these hackers though, why are they preying on us when we’re a small fry compared to big companies. Why do they even bother with us when they don’t have anything much to gain?

  6. i feel for you. i also experienced a hacker injecting virus in my sites 🙁
    lost some files too. 🙁
    its so hard putting it up from scratch.
    what are they getting from hacking personal sites? i pity them

  7. It’s good to hear that some of your “plain blogs” have been saved by your “blog saver” Jhez. Why hackers are doing that? For what? For experiment that they’re expert, that they have the skill to shut down a webpage/site as they please to do! It’s too scary really!

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