Ways to Make Money Online: Writing Articles

When I was in college, I was looking for various ways to make money and I had a host of rakets that got me through especially during rough financial times. One of my most prominent sources of income at the time was writing articles in the Internet for multiple clients. I started out with humble pay and eventually branched out into other rewarding projects like magazine articles and academic research work. I will never regret the time I have invested in writing articles and making money out of doing what I have loved since I was a little girl. And I echo the following tips to help people who want some extra income online through writing articles.

Research and find content buyers. This is the most challenging part for beginners, in my opinion. Finding the perfect fit involves getting a buyer who appreciates the type of content that you are selling. Sometimes, you have to adjust to what’s currently in demand. But as you eventually gain writing experience and expertise, your choices become many and you can even choose to write what you love and discard the others. But in my experience, writing about topics that I love and topics that I dislike add dimension to my skill and enable me to be really proficient. Writing then became more than a passion but a discipline that I do whether or not I find the topic rewarding or not.

Hone your writing skills. There won’t be much to sell if there are no writing skills to begin with. My journey with writing began when I first developed a passion for reading books. It came to the point where distinguishing a well-read writer from an average one was already instinctive. I practiced the art of crafting as often as I possibly can. I read books, listened to other writers that I respect, and try to break free from my usual style every once in a while.

Sell yourself. In the earlier years, I did a hard selling of my skills to buyers of content. It was not easy; there were times that I even got scammed by those who take advantage of fledgling online writers who are not able to distinguish a good deal from a a bad one. I learned to position myself well in the markets that I have chosen. Eventually, they remember and keep the communication lines open without me having to try too hard to prove myself; you know that you have positioned yourself fairly well when you have writing projects to choose from regularly without having to really risk a leg and an arm just to have it.

Align your style. One of the things I have learned is that not all content buyers will be satisfied with my outputs. I have learned to find clients who are happy with my writing style. This perfect match does not always happen. Most of the time, it is the writer who adjusts to the client’s needs.

Use it; don’t lose it. Probably one of the most useful advice I have when it comes to developing the ability to write articles and make money out of it is to use it continuously. Even when I am really busy, I do my best to make time for writing for fun and for profit. It helps keep my sword in shape, so to speak. And I am sure that people who do this regularly will reap the fruits of seeing an evolution of writing style and improvement in the writing projects that one qualifies for!

5 thoughts on “Ways to Make Money Online: Writing Articles

    1. Hi Nonoy! It’s always the align your style that gets the client. As in. hahaha. Even at work, it works that way. Thanks, too, for sharing your basic tips sa blog mo! Thumbs up!

  1. Hi Helen! I’m now addicted to blogging and found your FB post about your blog so I dropped by. I was delighted to find this post because I know you posted this not just for the sake of posting something but to really help people. I could attest to it. I’ll never forget how you helped/introduced me to making money online through writing back on our college days in 2007.:)

    1. Hi Cris! Wow thanks. I had so much fun making money online through writing when we were college and it felt so natural to just share the things that we love, right? 🙂 I am happy that you enjoyed it as much as I did!

  2. I wish I learned about online writing articles when I was in college to earn extra.

    BTW, thanks for the tips. I love to write. But I will also admit that i need to hone my skills and learn the rules.

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