Share Your Blood, Show Some Love, Help the BlogMaster

This is not really a full-length post or a board exam tip or a personal experience. It is more of an appeal to the people who read this humble blog of mine, especially those who are in Manila area and near UST Hospital. I am kind of hoping that despite the relatively few responses I got from BBM and Facebook friends, I can probably get some more responses from here. If you find this blog useful and helpful for your needs, then I guess this favor I am asking is worth your while. I am kind of hoping that there are more people with good blood, because most of my friends who replied to my incessant requests this week are quite ANEMIC and workaholic. 🙁

One of the reasons why I got back into the blogosphere is because of the help of my friend Jehz Laurente, a down to earth person who has garnered online success beyond what my hands can measure. He even helped other people connected to me to set up their own blogs and get started with it as well. And despite the fact that he has helped so many people in the blogging world, he is still running short of blood donors for his father who is currently confined in UST Hospital. The good-natured man that I visited last Sunday is suffering from leukemia and internal brain hemorrhage. When I saw his smile which was a dimmer version of my good friend Jehz’s positive aura, I just knew that I would do anything within my power to help keep that smile on Tay Jes’ face. And here is part of anything, so to speak.

I do not know how else to get this message to as many people as humanely possible. And so I run to my blog and hope that someone can read and repost, and most importantly, DONATE SOME BLOOD for Tatay Jes.

You can text me at 09297770000 if you can donate your blood this weekend.

I will forever be grateful to those who can donate their blood for my friend’s father.



5 thoughts on “Share Your Blood, Show Some Love, Help the BlogMaster

  1. Sayang, I’m type A/B, I really wanna help him, marami talagang natulungan si Master Jehz sa blogosphere, I hope na maging maayos na ang kalagayan ng papa nya. We’ll continuously pray for them! God bless!

  2. Tatay pala ni idol Jehz..unang una, sayang kasi type B ako pangalawa ang layo pa, nasa cotabato ako. Mga gantong bagay, i’m just one call away. If i’m not mistaken, yung patient na inalayan ko is leukemia din ang sakit. godbless 🙂

    1. Type B din ako Ianemv… Sayang nga. Maraming salamat pa rin. Nakakalungkot nga isipin minsan kasi ang daming tinulungan nitong taong ito rito sa Maynila pero hindi siya gaanong matulungan nung siya ang nangailangan.

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