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I am just unsure how this will look on the web, but this is the first time I am trying to use my WordPress for Blackberry app. I figured that if I had a gadget on the go which will enable me to make posts more quickly, I will be able to create more stuff for this poor and almost abandoned blog. I genuinely enjoy my gadget, humble as it is compared to the other gadgets offered in the market. For as long as it allows me to connect and blog, I am already most content! Woot!

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8 thoughts on “WordPress for Blackberry

    1. Hi to my favorite librarian blogger Pepper! 😀 You know, for a “connectivity” device, I feel more disconnected with my writing now that I have my Blackberry. It still takes me ages to reply and connect to people. Sighs. This malady of never finding contentment in my online setup can just kill ano. hahahaha.

    1. Hello there Henry! Yes I am fighting for the time to write. 😀 I am just not sure if Xperia has it. Quite handy, although hindi namamaximize nung WordPress for Blackberry app yung aking current WordPress theme for posting.

    1. Hello Jerminix, thanks for visiting me! Hahaha I guess that is why sometimes my visits strangely spike when I am not updating. It means some people are missing me at the same time. Weird. lol.

    1. Hi Nonoy friend! With your Adsense earnings? I am a little shocked na sinasabi mo yan. 😀 BB is fun naman in fairness. Addicting. Kaya napupuyat ako lalo.

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