The Pioneering Randy Jackson

One of the most interesting famous musical people I look forward to watching on cable (at the rare instances that I get to do so!) is Randy Jackson, a prominent and mainstay judge in American Idol. Recently, he hit the headlines because of his word war with The Voice, AI’s new rival show. The thing is, he was not really the first to throw stones against this new show. Apparently, The Voice‘s Adam Levine was the first to voice out the unpleasantry that lead to a backlash from this highly respected AI judge.

With his judging abilities, one can deduce that he really knows what he is doing. He is able to spot the best talents in the show, as well as jell well with the other judges in AI. He himself won a Grammy, and he is now in the process of discovering more Grammy-worthy talents with the other judges of AI. (One teacher in college told me that one marker that he is successful in his teaching is when his students surpass his achievements.)

One of the things that he mentioned in his recent statement against The Voice was the fact that AI was the pioneer and the other shows similar to AI would not have the chance to hit prime time had it not been for the pioneering efforts of the proponents of American Idol.

There is really something about pioneering efforts that make huge successes out of people. And sadly, the ones who try to imitate the pioneers are often the ones who pelt the oldies with mud just so they can get ahead.

Anyway, regardless of the current mud pelting, I am still totally hats off to pioneers in all aspects such as Randy Jackson!


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