Why Lady Helen Deserves the iPad

Have you heard of the ripple effect? You can try this at home: throw a small stone to any body of water and you will find that it will move and shake up the part where the stone hits, just like this:

The ripple effect also works when we talk of highly effective gadgets such as the iPad:

And I tell you, this lady blogger here has 7 ripples of effects for everyone else if you decide to throw the iPad her way! πŸ˜€


Having a broken heart is not an easy thing to deal with :-(:

But I do have the will of steel to turn things around. If I cannot find my own happy ending, I will devote my life writing about other people’s happy endings! πŸ˜€ My upcoming project is to write real life romantic success stories to serve as an inspiration. With an iPad, I will easily get to write more love stories about people in a world marred with heartache and pain. (The iPad games can also serve as a diversion so that I will stop thinking about the heartache, too. And that will also cure more than half of my awful bipolar depression episodes.)

Life in the office is very fulfilling but it can also get so busy and disorganized:

With the iPad, my office affairs can be improved. How so? It will provide me a dynamic platform where I can store my important files and even use it as a tool when I make video presentations and other innovations for doing my job as editor. I can easily view the book covers from the photos folder and make the necessary changes to numerous Word documents while I am on the go.

Giving me that iPad for that purpose will actually help educate young minds! I edit engineering books for college students, and when I am at my best, the students who will be buying the books that I am editing will also benefit from the high quality of work that I can offer them. πŸ™‚Β  Who knows. YOUR future kids may be buying the books that I am working on today!

Help me fuel my job with the same level of excellence that Sherweb has in the web hosting world.

With my job done in a better way, you make the future engineering students’ educational materials so much better, too. πŸ™‚

One of my lifelong dreams is to go to Eiffel Tower:

And while I am not yet there, I can recreate the atmosphere by setting the iPad interface into its French language setting. It will help me practice my French. And this will, in turn, allow me to connect with more people globally. It will impact a lot of lives positively because I will infect them with positive vibes and lots of intellectual stimulation. For example, I can introduce my Filipina girl pals or fellow bloggers to really nice French men or women if I can translate for them. Rawr!

More languages, more opportunities, more happy endings! Hahaha.

This blogger here loves to share good music and movies to everyone who is ready to hear them. I was an aspiring DJ when I was in fourth grade, and I have a passion for all things beautiful, musical, and excellent. An iPad will enable me to have easy access toΒ  more songs and more movies, which can later be shared to my Mediafire account for everyone to download and enjoy as well. I can even make comprehensive reviews of the movies and songs to aid those who are planning to buy them.

As a freelance writer, perpetual friend/sounding board, family breadwinner, licensed engineer, and full-time assistant editor, I find it hard to keep in touch with everyone. People often contact me for various reasons. The iPad is perfect in helping me with this problem since it has a relatively long battery life, Internet access and a large storage capacity for contacts. It can match my energies in interacting with people online and increase my availability in serving other people who need editing and writing help.

This is where the geodetic engineer in me comes in. The iPad has GPS capabilities that other people may just ignore. But with me, I can use the GPS technology to make the necessary measurements and engage in engineering projects that can benefit the country.

I believe that having a hard-earned license as a geodetic engineer is a privilege that entails a responsibility to practice my course. I can use all the GPS help I can get in helping other surveyors like me accurately map the size and shape of the earth. And this is totally the beyond the glitz and glamour of whatever past achievement I had:

Possibilities are endless! πŸ™‚

Before I learned how to write, I first learned how to read. And this is a lifetime passion I will never get tired of doing until death. Of course, I will physically die soon if I carry all these books in my bag just to feed my brain:

With the iPad, I can enjoy so much more reading materials than my bag can normally handle. And how does this help the rest of the world? It inspires me to create more beautiful things that can uplift and inspire. The next masterpiece may just be around the corner.

Let this lady win the iPad not just because her happy picture looks good on the iPad’s screen:

but also because you know, that she (and her beneficiaries in the future) truly, madly, deeply deserves it!


Massive thanks to Miss Shedina de Guia for the creative illustrations of my seven reasons.

Acknowledgments are also given to Mary Antonette Estoperes and Atty.-Engr. Ira Comia for the final image in this post, as well as my orgmates in the UP Geodetic Engineering Club for the blue tarpaulin image.

Thanks to Jehzeel Laurente and Sherweb for this contest. And my sister Harvey for her moral support.

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    1. salamat mr. semidoppel. naku nalungkot ka. natuwa pa naman ako sa cocoon mo sa entry mo hahahaha! πŸ˜›

      pero maganda pa rin naman yung mata ko kahit umiiyak e. hahaha. *buhat ng sariling bangko moment ito*

    1. aww nonoy you are really my friend. thank you. hahaha. i really thought long and hard for actual, tangible, reasonable reasons for getting myself an iPad. hahaha. i surely hope it gets considered. πŸ™‚

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