The Female Rubberband

They say men are like rubber bands because they just go to their caves and get out whenever. Well, I think I am male because I happen to have a cave, and I am so going there right now. The need to hibernate phase is currently in order. I just finished deactivating my FB account and for the time being, this is going to be my last blog post until this hiatus period is finished. I need to take an offline hiatus to attend to some things. Β And I just want to post a notice to my blogging friends that I might not be able to go blog hopping in the meantime. But I will, as soon as I fix things in the offline world. I might not be as online on chat or elsewhere too, but I can be reached through email for really important stuff.

This is temporary. I will be back, I promise. Thanks! πŸ˜€

14 thoughts on “The Female Rubberband

  1. ah- ako naman i just opened my account last january- parang lahat ng tao sawa na–ako ng eenjoy palang sa FB

    thanks helen for greeting on my birthday

  2. waaaaaaaaaaa…. ate Helen!! I’ll miss you. Balik ka po ha! ^_^ May God be with you. And I’m also here for you. Be happy.

    No matter where you are right now, just be safe. Okay?

    Ingat po ate Helen!

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