Old Lady

Today I attended 7am Mass at San Roque Cathedral. It is where most of my first experiences as a Catholic began: first Communion, Confirmation, first official Visit to the Blessed Sacrament (third grade then) and first true appreciation of the Holy Mass.

I spent most of the Holy Week with a sad and pained episode, although I may not exactly consider it as one with Christ’s cross. My heart may break now but God’s heart breaks infinitely more than I do because of the things I fail to do for Him. Yet He forgives me, and I believe I should at least post about Him too, in the same way that I have posted about myself in numerous instances.

It is Easter Sunday today so Bishop Iniguez (yes, it was a lucky High Mass for me although I missed the 4am procession) had the church goers renew their baptismal vows immediately after the Homily.

After the Mass, there was an old lady assisted by a tall and burly man. She was straining to reach the Bishop. Meanwhile, I easily reached Bishop’s signet finger without having to strain myself at all. She failed to reach the Bishop and I saw her very sad face. The man comforted her. I knew that eventhough she did not get to touch the Bishop, Jesus was there anyway.

I cried because I took my youth, my strong arms and legs and well-functioning body senses for granted. I thanked God for the littlest things today for fear that I will be ungrateful or take His blessings for granted.

My gesture of reaching for the Bishop’s hand was nothing compared to the old woman’s giant but failed attempt to reach the same. It is the level of love and sacrifice that gave color and meaning to an otherwise mundane act such as that. It is like the sacrifice of the widow in a Gospel passage where she gave the little that she had for God.

And I knew that for all the pain this season has caused, I have tried my very best to love in the way He did. And I will continue to try because it is worth it.

One day, I may be like that old woman. I am not sure if there will be someone to hold my hand and assist me when that time comes. But I have seen countless old and alone women in this cathedral and they had the assurance that while they physically did not have a hand to hold, Jesus embraces them and their guardian angels are always there for them.

For as long as hope is there, it will be alright.

Happy Easter Friends! =)

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