Need a F-R-E-E Love Story and Wedding Writer? :D

I guess I am posting this to sort of announce that if you have friends who are tying the knot and want some form of writeup as a souvenir of their wedding (and if I can interview the couple about their love story, so much the better!), I can actually do it for free and post it here on my website. I just hope the venues are pretty accessible by commute. I will make time. πŸ™‚ But I do hope it’s during weekends. Haha. (May qualifier pa rin. Labo!)

Since I started this blog, I have this thing for making features about interesting people. And one of the topics I genuinely enjoyed writing about are weddings. An example is the one I wrote for my friend Ate Amery. It’s not really too glamorous like a magazine feature that involves fancy pictures and lots of really creative wordplay. It’s something personal, simple, and sweet that helps preserve and share the memories of the couple.

Even if I am a Roman Catholic, I am actually quite intrigued to see weddings of other different religions. So yes, different religions are welcome! πŸ™‚ Β In fact, this month I am already scheduled to attend a very good friend’s Mormon wedding in Pangasinan and I am super duper excited to see what it’s like.

So yeah, I hope I can write about it more aside from the usual thingamajigs I write here. Heartache is so overrated. Let’s celebrate love more. πŸ™‚

Any takers?

10 thoughts on “Need a F-R-E-E Love Story and Wedding Writer? :D

  1. Very nice helen! Di naman kaya mahiya yung magpapa write ng love story sayo? Kasi siyempre, LIBRE?! Hehehe! But, seriously, I really like your writing style! Kapag nag gawa ka ng book, ako unang unang bibili at magpapa autograph sa’yo! hehehe! Di kana ma reach… Hehehe! =)

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