Chatbox Fail! (>_<)

I so want to cry right now. I missed checking my chatbox because I was working and my cloistered nun bestfriend had been flooding my chatbox na pala. Cries. Why do I always miss it when she violates cloister rules? Evidence! Evidence! 😛

Cathyyyyyyyyyy. huhuhu.

I am posting this so that I can preserve this one screenshot.

I will have to wait for a few more months or even years before I see her again!

I super duper miss my nun bestfriend.

7 thoughts on “Chatbox Fail! (>_<)

  1. Helen: AKO ANG IYONG KONSIYENSYA! Hehehe! =)

    Iba pa rin talaga kapag sa chatbox, kasi dito, obvious na ako ang nag type eh, hehehe! =)

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