Sleepless, Backless and Whatnots

You know it’s time to sleep more in the evenings when…

10. You are yawning every five minutes while at work.

9. You are no longer able to sustain the trains of thought from your friends’ latest stories and antics.

8. You start to have cough or sniffles.

7. You find it laborious to chew your food during meal times.

6. You forget things.

5. You no longer react even when there is a surprising event or a funny joke that has everyone cracked up..

4. You feel so looney, lethargic and completely out of your orbit.

3. You find images of your bed popping out in the middle of your tasks. The soft pillows, the linen sheets…

2. Your eyes get chinkier and chinkier by the minute.

1. You totally forgot to zip up the back of your dress, left home early in the morning and traveled all the way through EDSA and walk around the office with your back and brassiere partially exposed under a very thin blazer worn above it.

No wonder I got those smirks and lingering gazes… Agh my back! And it wasn’t even a rheumatic exclamation. .

At least it looked fashionable. No one thought I accidentally left it unzipped this morning.

Beat that. hahaha. Today is backless-without-knowing-it day.


Still hibernating, so forgive my senseless post. LOL. .

28 thoughts on “Sleepless, Backless and Whatnots

  1. Hi Helen, I work at night, I really hope my schedule would change back in the morning. Can’t wait!!! I usually experience numbers 5 and 6, I hate working this late, can’t think much, can’t talk… Sleeping for just 3-4hrs a day, is a hell! People on regular or day time shifts are pretty lucky, they could do lots of things, spend the day with their family and sleep at night! People on day time work should be thankful, and get the most out of it! cyahhh around! =P

    1. Hello Jomi! I used to do graveyard shifts but I could not last, honestly. I am really a day person. In principle, we are really supposed to work during daytime. I guess the only thing I miss is the night differential. I know of a friend who does not sleep for more than 24 hours but sleeps for 24 hours too after. LOL. But he does not have a day job so he is at liberty to sleep whenever he wants. I do hope you get a day job instead, so that you will be happier. Sunshine psychologically has that effect, you know…

      1. Tnx for your reply, Helen! Just got from work, I still get sunshine though, when I’m going home! hehehe! If I could only leave my job, I would… But, not this time I guess. It pays the bill, you know! Hehehe! I’m a newbie when it comes to blogging. My brother Glenn, a.k.a. Gl3nnx, who owns the site told me to visit sites like jehzlau and your site, to get some inspiration and tips as well. Take care! -Garnier

  2. ms helen mary, baka akala ng karamihan, latest trend talaga ang ganun… heheheh

    nakaka-encounter ako ng ganun sa loob ng jeepney. lahat ng pasaherong lalaki nakatingin sa katabi kong babae, at syempre napatingin din ako. un pala bukas ang karamihan ng butones ng kanyang damit pang-itaas(blouse), at halos lumabas na ang kanyang kaluluwa. πŸ˜›

    so, binulungan ko ung chick. ang sabi ko miss, bukas ung butones nyo, tumingin sya sa akin at ngumiti at ang sagot ba naman, style talaga ‘yan…

    napahiya talaga tuloy ako. kaya un, nakikitingin na rin ako hanggang sya ay bumaba — latest trend pala eh… πŸ™‚

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