28 thoughts on “what do you do when you are sad?

    1. hi nanay blessie, you were here… I did not know that my Formspring.me account redirects my questions as a blog post.

      i can’t do that here, FB is blocked sa office… but i do that a lot pag nasa bahay ako.

    1. relieved meynard? hahaha. ako kasi hindi relieved, parang sumasakit yung mata ko at ulo ko pag umiiyak ako ng ganun. mwehehehe… pero pag di ako iiyak, masakit pa din ulo ko. so iiyak na lang ako. nuninuninuninuni… ang labo ko talaga. hahaha. 🙂

  1. when I’m sad I either

    1. get sadder by listening to sad songs, cry out loud, sob, til I get tired and sleep.

    2. listen to reggae music… shifts my mood to HAPPY!

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