Operation Hibernation

Apologies, dear readers and blogmates, for the sudden lack of updates on this site. I just realized that while I already turned into an INFJ Myer Briggs personality type, my natural INFP tendencies still get the better of me. I need some hibernation phase (for an undefined period of time) so that I can realign myself with my priorities and keep producing useful content here. It’s also something I need to do to get my stagnated writing skills out of a rut and hopefully, evolve into something better.

Coming Soon:

A post about an ultra cute story book

Black Swan review

Acel Bisa with Daddy Simpli

Reverse Engineering Techniques (board exam tips)

Review Center Tips for Your Board Exam Preparations

Something about public transport (vehicles or urban inanimism)

Infinity Pool (Urban Inanimism)

whew. SEVEN.

I’ll be doing my blog readings (yes i don’t just hop; i read!) and whatnots as soon as I get back.
Thanks so much for continuing to visit my online lair. Love y’all.

My globe number is not working at the moment. Please just email me@helenmarylabao.com if you need anything. T.y.

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